APEDA Registration

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APEDA Registration

APEDA Registration​

APEDA is nothing but the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority. It is a government organization established in 1985 through an act for development and promotion of export products. Under the APEDA Act, the specified products are called Scheduled Products. The standard and the specification for scheduled products for exports specified by APEDA.

Our Process for APEDA Registration

Fill the form & get started

Fill the basic form to get started

Discussion with the experts

The expert will call you to understand the necessary requirement.

Draft & Docs Preparation:

all necessary docs like KYC, IEC copy, Bank certificate and others

Department formalities

with all necessary doc’s expert will apply for the certificate and the same will be sent by APEDA Department

Our Plans

Silver Package

  • APEDA Registration
  • Dedicated Expert help


  • APEDA Registration
  • IEC License
  • Dedicated Expert help

Documents Required For APEDA license

For Pvt Ltd / LTD
APEDA application form
Copy of IEC license
Duly signed bank certificate
Company account statement
Canceled Cheque
Advantages of Having APEDA
  1. Brand Publicity by promoting the products with APEDA Registration
  2. Explore yourself the multiple training conducted by APEDA for the scheduled products
  3. Obtain guidelines on improving the packaging and marketing of various scheduled products
  4. Get legally complied with APEDA registration for the export of scheduled products.
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Products Monitor under APEDA
  1. Meat and Meat Products
  2. Poultry & Poultry products
  3. Fruits, vegetables & their products
  4. Dairy products
  5. Herbal & medicinal plants
  6. Pickle, Papad, Honey, Jaggery, and many more

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1. Is APEDA registration mandatory?

If you are an exporter of agricultural products or wish to carry out the export of Agri
products, yes APEDA is mandatory for you.

2. What is RCMC?

RCMC is a registration Cum Membership Certificate issued by the Export Promotion Council
or the Commodity Board.

3. How many years is the APEDA certificate valid?

The APEDA certificate is valid for 5 years.

4. How much time is required to take an APEDA certificate?

You can get the APEDA certificate within 20 working days (subject to government approval).

5. How do I get the APEDA certificate?

Just fill the form, talk to our export and the same will be taken care!