Trademark Registration

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Trade Mark

Trademark Registration

Trademark is nothing but a special symbol, design or name that a company uses on its products or services and cannot be used by any other company. The trademark registration is done under Controller General of patents, design and Trademarks along with Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of India. All Trademark get register under the Trademark Act, 1999. Once the trademark application is filed, then you can use TM with your brand.

Our Process for Trademark Registration

Fill the form & get started

fill the basic form to get started

Discussion with the experts

The expert will call you & understand the class of your brand.

Draft & Docs Preparation

All necessary docs like KYC, Logo etc. along with the Draft.

Trademark formalities

Different process like Vienna codification, Examination of trademark, Objection if any & hearing if rejection occur

Our Plans


  • TM Application
  • Expert Assignment
  • Complimentary Class search
  • Docs Preparation by expert
  • Applicable for proprietorship & small business
  • Use TM for your Brand


  • TM Application
  • Expert Assignment
  • Complimentary Class search
  • Docs Preparation by expert
  • Applicable for proprietorship & small business
  • Use TM for your Brand
  • 2 complimentary Logo Design


  • TM Application
  • Expert Assignment
  • Complimentary Class search
  • Docs Preparation by expert
  • Applicable for large enterprises
  • Use TM for your Brand
  • 5 complimentary Logo Design

Documents for Trademark Registration​

For Pvt Ltd / LTDFor ProprietorshipPartnership / LLP
Incorporation CertificatePAN cardPartnership deed
Authorized signatory KYCAddress ProofLLP incorporation
Form TM-48 signedForm TM-48 signedAuthorized signatory KYC
LogoLogoForm TM-48 signed

*  If you are having Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate then you are eligible to get 50% discount on the government fees otherwise the fees will be Rs 9000/-.

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Advantages of Trademark Registration
  1. Brand Protection: The trademark registration will help to protect you brand as you will get exclusive right for the same & no one can copy it.
  2. Business Growth: The products or services sold under TM will create your brand value, trust & image in customer mind which eventually helps in business growth.
  3. Asset: Trademark can be commercially Contracted, Sold & Franchised if your brand creates the same with success in the market.
  4. Global Registration : Your trademark which is registered and filled in India can be also filled in the other parts of the world, which will help you to emerge as Global Player.
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1. What is Trademark?

Trademark is an intellectual property consisting of recognizable sign or design in order to identify products or services from a specific source, although trademarks that are used to identify services are called service marks.


2. What is the eligibility to register a trademark?

To check the eligibility of the trademark, please speak to our service expert. Link

3. What can be register as trademark?

Any word, name or symbol, which is used to identify and distinguish products or services of one specific seller or service provider from those of the other competitor can be register as trademark. 

4. What is the trademark class?

The trademark Registry has classified goods and services under 45 classes.  The application of trademark must mention trademark class/ classes the goods/services represent.

5. What if someone has a similar word trademark?

You will not get the same word, but all is not lost. Instead, you can design a unique logo for your business and include the name in it. Take BMW as an example, the word BMW is within the logo. A prefix would be also permissible. This is known as logo composite mark. 

6. When can I use the TM symbol?

Once you apply for the trademark, you will receive an acknowledgement, this will give you the permission to use TM as symbol. Once you register, you can use the R symbol.

7. Do Vyaapar Seva Kendra guarantee approval of the trademark?

The same is completely depends upon the government judgement. But if it is unique, the chances are very high that it will be granted.