Change in Register Office Address

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Change office address

Change in Register Office Address

AS per the Section 12 of the Companies Act,2013 all business including LLP’s, must have register office at the time or within 30 days of incorporation. The register office is the primary place of the business and MCA (The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs) send all the formal letters to the location/ address. A company may have office at several locations, including corporate office, Branch offices admin offices and many more but MCA should only be informed about the register office address.

Our Process for Change in Register Office Address

Fill the form & get started

Fill the basic form to get started

Discussion with the experts

The expert will call you & understand the business requirement

Draft & Docs Preparation

All necessary compliances formalities prepared by experts

Roc formalities

After drafting our team will submit the same to Gov portals

Our Plans

Same city/ Area

  • Application to ROC
  • Form INC-22 fill up
  • Dedicated expert

Same ROC & same State

  • Application to ROC
  • Form INC-23 fill up
  • Dedicated expert

One State to Other State

  • Application to ROC
  • Form MGT-14 fill up
  • Form INC-24 fill up
  • Form INC-28 fill up
  • Form INC-22 fill up
  • Form INC-23 fill up
  • Dedicated expert
Documents for Change in Register Office Address
Same city/ AreaSame ROC & same StateOne State to Other
List of DirectorsList of DirectorsList of Directors
Director KYCDirector KYCDirector KYC
Business Address proofBusiness Address proofBR approving change of address
Company’s GM authorized resolution
Copy of the public published notice
List of Creditors & Debenture
Power of Attorney
Latest Audited financial statement

*taxes and government fees extra.

*for same state but different ROC which is applicable only for Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu, there is complete different procedure.

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1. What is Registered Office ?

The registered office is the principal place of business, the registered office will be used for all the official communication.

2. Under which situations company can change its registered office?

A company can change its registered office address under various circumstances such as change in the place of operation, convenience of management, expansion plans, and change in the state or jurisdiction

3. Is it necessary to give an add in paper if the city of register office changing but comes under the same ROC?

No, while changing the registered office in another city it is not necessary to give ad in the newspaper.

4. Is permission from the shareholders required to change the address of the registered office?

No the companies that are relocating to another location in the same village, towns, or city limits do not need permission from their shareholders or any other authorities But it is necessary to notify the ROC of the changes.

5. What is authorized capital?

Authorized capital is nothing but the maximum value of the equity shares that can be issued by the company. Also authorized capital can be increase any time after the company incorporation to issue additional shares to the shareholders.