Demystifying FSSAI Form IX Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and quality of food products across India. One of the essential components of obtaining a license or registration from FSSAI is the submission of Form IX, also known as the Health Certificate. In this guide, we will demystify the requirements of FSSAI Form IX, providing clarity and insights for food business operators seeking compliance with FSSAI regulations.

Understanding FSSAI Form IX:

FSSAI Form IX serves as a declaration by the proprietor, partner, or authorized signatory of a food business regarding compliance with hygiene and sanitary practices, infrastructure requirements, and food safety management systems. This form is mandatory for obtaining a license or registration from FSSAI and demonstrates the commitment of the food business operator to maintaining food safety standards.

Key Requirements of FSSAI Form IX:

Details of Food Business Operator:

Name, address, contact details, and type of food business operated by the applicant.
Details of proprietor, partner, or authorized signatory responsible for the operation of the food business.

Details of Food Business Premises:

Address of the premises where the food business is conducted.
Layout plan, area of operation, and infrastructure facilities available at the premises.
Information about the storage, processing, packaging, and distribution areas within the premises.

Food Safety Management System:

Description of the food safety management system implemented at the premises.
Procedures for ensuring food safety, including hygiene practices, sanitation measures, and pest control mechanisms.
Details of waste management practices, cleaning schedules, and maintenance procedures followed at the premises.


A declaration by the applicant or authorized signatory stating that the information provided in Form IX is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge.
Acknowledgment of the consequences of providing false or misleading information, including rejection of the license/registration application or revocation of the license/registration.


FSSAI Form IX is a critical document for food business operators seeking compliance with FSSAI regulations and obtaining a license or registration. By understanding the requirements of Form IX and providing accurate information, food business operators can demonstrate their commitment to food safety and regulatory compliance. It is essential to consult with food safety experts or regulatory consultants to ensure compliance with FSSAI regulations and streamline the application process. Through diligent adherence to FSSAI requirements and ongoing monitoring of food safety practices, food business operators can uphold consumer trust and contribute to a safer and healthier food environment in India.